Hobby Tattoo Kit

Rs. 10800
  • Item Code : Hobby Tattoo Kit
  • Description:
    Hobby Tattoo Kit for art enthusiast, who are learning tattoo and wants to take it as hobby or acquire basic skills,. Kit Contains Tattoo Gizmo own production machines comes with Six month limited warranty on Coils. The kit has been designed for people have limited budget but looking for good quality products.
  • Quantity Available:  50
  • Status: In Stock

Sullen - All Day Badge Tee

Rs. 1500
  • Item Code : TC-SUL-ADB
  • Description:
  • Quantity Available:  30
  • Status: In Stock

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Our brand Mumbai Tattoo comprises of Zaheer Batliwala and Nadeem Batliwala. We have been part of the tattoo industry in India for over a decade and have been one of the leading suppliers of tattoo art material all over the country.

Nadeem’s business acumen combined with Zaheer’s vast knowledge in the field of tattoos, gives Mumbai Tattoo an unprecedented advantage over all our competitors.

The Mumbai Tattoo e-commerce website was launched to create a common platform through which our diverse range of clients can view and purchase our products without any hassle

We are direct suppliers of all tattoo product manufacturing brands in the Indian market, which is why you will always get the best products at the most affordable prices amongst any other supplier in the Indian market.