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Royal vitamin A & D ointment
INR   1000 INR   600
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Product - Royal vitamin A & D ointment

A first aid antibiotic ointment for cuts, burns, and affected areas. Contains vitamins A&D in a lanolin-potroleum base. For external use only. Contains Vitamin A&D in a base of Anhydrous Lanolina and Petrolatum.
Sold in 1lb Jars

  • Royal vitamin A & D ointment INR. 600 View Product Tattoo Aftercare Kit 4 in 1 (Made in USA)

  •  After Care Ointment & Bandages
  • 500 g

  • Applied For (Body)
    • Moisturization & Nourishment
  • Skin Type
    • All Skin Types
  • Ideal Usage
    • All Day

Royal A&D Ointment is a tattoo industry standard for aftercare treatment. Royal brand A&D Ointment Applied during tattooing for lubrication. Applied for after tattoo bandaging. Generally A&D Ointment is used by applying a thin layer during a tattoo. During bandaging, another thin layer is applied and the tattoo is bandaged. 

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