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Professional tattoo kit is for art enthusiast, who are learning tattoo and want to acquire basic skills. The kit has everything an artist need for making tattoo: 2 professional tattoo machines for lining and shading dual digital power supply power supply cord foot switch clip cord ink cups 100 needles of varied sizes 1 dynamic tattoo ink (1 oz.),6(1 oz.) star bright tattoo/eternal ink practice skin 2 tracing paper - 5 rubber parts key grip - 4 stainless still stainless steel tips - 10 tube -4 ssbig kit box, 10 pcs a & d, ink cup stand big, 1 a& d tube,1 box gloves, 1 green soap 100 ml,tip cleaning brush, the basic tattoo kit is good for the artist who is learning the tattoo skill on the practice skin, light weight tattoo machines is easy to handle, for learner tattoo artist, basic tattoo kit is the second step to learner tattoo artist. Mumbai tattoo also provide tattoo learning classes for aspiring tattoo tattoo art learner. For learning call Mumbai tattoo help line, no 9897964753 brand: Mumbai : for: all tattoo life span: permanent applicable area: full body sales package: one all purpose rotary tattoo machines for lining and shading digital power supply power supply cord foot switch clip cord ink cups 10 needles of varied sizes 1 star rite colours (1/2 oz.)practice skin - 1.tracing paper - 1.rubber parts key grip - 1 stainless steel tips - 2 tube -1 small kit box organic type: natural tattoo product waterproof: no number of tattoos: 05 pcs. 

Thick Carrying case.

Liner professional heavy duty machine.

Shader professional heavy duty machine.

Dual Digital Power supply.

Black Clip cord.

Black Foot switch.

10 stainless Steel tips.

4 Tracing paper.

1 box gloves.

4 steel gripes.

4 Back pipes.


100 Ink cups.

Ink cups stand big.

Practice skin thin.

Practice skin thick.

1 oz dynamic colour.

6 bottles of 1 oz eternal colours.

10 a n d ointments.

1 a n d tube.

4 oz green soap.

L key set.

Power supply cord.

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