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Portable power Supply
INR   3500 INR   3200
Stock Available: 100

Portable Power Supply - Small Supply Supply for Tattoo Machines

This portable power supply is great for your studio or traveling to your next convention. Use this power supply to run your tattoo machine.  This power supply will work anywhere in the world; you just need to buy a plug adapter to fit into your countries socket configuration.

The Stainless steel body makes it look elegant.liner and shader.the latest technology to keep an ultra steady current while tattooing.whit dual input points for both lining and shading tattoo guns. 

8-turn voltage adjustment knob that can fine tune the voltage up to 1/10th of a volts. This power supply has max voltage up to 15 volts and 2 amp. Great for any professional artist in a busy shop, the power supply is durable and compact.

Here we are to help tattoo artist in india, with real and imported tattoo supplys throughout the world

we mumbai tattoo will help u build urs dream art work

weight : 1.5kg

material : steel

Available at Mumbai tattoo

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