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Air Hose Confirm the connector size of airbrush gun Confirm the connector size of airbrush compressor Airbrush hose is rubber material,and outside is braided nylon.
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Air Hose
Variety of Hose with different accessories also and available in 2 sizes.

Teach you how to choose airbrush air hose:
1.Confirm the connector size of airbrush gun
2.Confirm the connector size of airbrush compressor
3.How is the weather?Cold or Warm?
4.How long of airbrush air hose need?
Most of Aerograph airbrushes is standard 1/8", except for AG-138 airbrush. AG-128 airbrush gun , AG-158 air brush. But the all AEROGRAPH airbrush compressors are stardard 1/8". So AG-24 airbrush hose is the top airbrush air hose for AEROGRAPH series products.

Material of AG-21 airbrush air hose: Rubber and Braided Nylon
Outside: Braided Nylon
Dia.: 7.5 x 4.5mm
Length: 1.8m(6ft), 3m(10ft)
Adaptor: G1/8”-G1/4”

AG-21 airbrush hose is rubber material,and outside is braided nylon.The one end is stardard 1/4",another is 1/4" x 40. So only AG-158 airbrush gun can connect with this airbrush hose directly.
Length of Airbrush Hose: 1.8m (6ft), 3m (10ft)
Size of Rubber hose: 7.5mm x 4.5mm
Adaptor: One end is G1/4", another end is 1/4"x40
Material: Braided Nylon Rubber

Both Connector of airbrush hose: one is 1/8'', another end is 1/8''
Length of AG-24 Airbrush Air Hose: 3m(10ft), 1.8m(6ft)
Braided Nylon Hose: 7.5mm x 4mm
Material: Rubber
Outside of Rubber hose: Braided Nylon
Dia of Rubber Airbrush hose.: 7.5 x 4.5mm
Length of AG-33 Airbrush Hose: 1.8m(6ft), 3m(10ft)
Adaptor: G1/8"-Quick-release coupler
Airbrush Quick Disconnect Coupler with 1/8' male and female fittings. The quick-release action allows you to quickly change airbrushes when you use multiple airbrush guns.
Braided Airbrush Air Hose
Material: Rubber
Outside: Braided
Dia.: 7.5 x 4.5mm
Length: 1.8m(6ft),3m(10ft)
Adaptor: G1/8"-Quick-release and air control coupler
Strong point:
Any length be made
With Quick-release and air control coupler

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