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Airbrush Jars

Variety of Glass, Steel & Plastic jars and compatible with all Aerograph Airbrushes.

1. AG-02
2. AG-07
3. AG-11
4. AG-18P

Airbrush Jars
Variety and compatible with all Aerograph Airbrushes.

1. AG-02:

Capacity of airbrush jar: 22cc
Material of airbrush cup:glass, glass is plastic, the adptor is Copper

AG-02 Airbrush Jar is suit for: AG-128 air brush, AG-128P airbrushes, AG-129 air brush gun, AG-129A airbrush guns, AG-129B air brushes, AG-129C air brush guns, AG-129D suction airbrush, AG-129E suction air brush, AG-182 suction airbrush guns,AG-152 single action airbrush and so on.

2. AG-07:

Glass Airbrush Jar: AG-07

Capacity of glass airbrush jar: 22cc
Material of Glass Airbrush Jars : glass,plastic & Copper. Plastic material is cover of airbrush jar, The adaptor on the cover is copper.

AG-132 series airbrushes, AG-133 series airbrush guns, AG-134 series airbrush all can work with AG-07 airbrush jar

3. AG-11:

Capacity of airbrush jar: 5cc
Material: metal, the metal is Zinc Alloy
AG-11 airbrush jar is suit for: AG-128,AG-128P,AG-129,AG-129A,AG-129B,AG-129C,AG-129D,AG-129E airbrushes.

4. AG-18P:

The airbrush bottle capacity: 100cc

Material: plastic and copper

The new airbrush plastic jar can be suit for: AG-128,AG-128P,AG-129,AG-129A,AG-129B,AG-129C,AG-129D,AG-129E,AG-182,AG-152 are from AEROGRAPH airbrush.

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