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Micro Dermal Piercing Forceps - 5MM
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Body Jewelry Forceps 5" long with 5mm Jaws - Great for MicroDermal Insertion

Needle Forceps 5" long with 5mm Jaws These are perfect for inserting dermals. Reason being is these will only grab the top of the anchor. Unlike the Micro Dermal Tool that is diamond shaped, these tools don't touch the anchor. Only the gem/disc top is touched, thus making it easier to insert. These are good for holding needles, or anything that is bigger then 5mm. The gap is 5mm, so it will not gold anything that is 5mm or smaller. 5.4mm Discs are perfect for this tool or 6mm balls. Body Jewelry Forceps 5" long with 5mm Jaws - Great for Micro Dermal Inserts The jaw is 5mm wide, meaning if you need to hold something that is 3mm, it will not work. Use these to insert labrets, micro dermals. This is a very handy tool. ALL OF OUR TOOLS ARE MARKED WITH THE PRODUCT CODE AND HAVE A "CE" MARKING AS WELL WE SELL THE BEST TOOLS ON THE MARKET. WE HAVE 3 SIMILAR TOOLS PT-076-3mm jaw PT-078-4mm jaw PT-079-5mm jaw

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