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Plastic Piercing Gun

The way they work are fairly simple: with an earring stud in place in the adapter, and a backing in the cradle, the tension regulator is pulled back or "cocked", the point of the stud is used as a guide for aim and the trigger is pulled, press "FIRE", forcing the stud through the flesh this solid iron ear piercing gun with 24pcs piercing studs (Please see the picture). The most popular ear piercing instrument, it is commonly used by many ear piercing salons in America, UK and China.

Place a piercing stud in the ADAPTER hole.
Pull the TRIGGER, the aiming slot is used as a guide for aim; please make sure the point of the stud is straight going to the aiming slot.
Press FIRE, forcing the stud through the flesh.

1 x Piercing gun
1 x Marker pen
1 x Carry case
12 pairs (24pcs) Ear Studs With stoppers

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